CCES Booster Club Membership

CCES Booster Club Membership

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  • All memberships include name(s) listed in Sports Programs.
  • Key tags, car decal, and parking pass (if added) will be mailed to the shipping address provided at checkout.

Membership Levels:


(2 key tags and car decal included) 


(4 key tags and car decal included)

Grand Patron

(6 key tags, parking pass, and car decal included)


Additional Key Tags:
  $75 each

Parking Pass:

  • Park inside the Cavalier Training Center gate for all home Varsity Football Games. 
  • Only available to Booster Club members.
  • Included at no extra cost for Grand Patrons.
  • Limited spaces available.

Tax Deductibility:

Unfortunately, your purchase is not tax deductible.  The value of goods you receive must be considered, and each key tag is valued at $100 on average.